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Valletta, is a female thief, well known as the Silver League Champion.


Not much is known about her, except that she is the champion and seems nicer with the player than the other league champions.


Like many of the characters of the game's story, she is proud of her wealth and loves to steal all the time; but she is supportive and acts nicer and likable with the player than other characters do, she also flirts with the character sometimes. Even she tries to encourage him if he loses but she gets annoyed if the player loses on her league all the time.


She seems to have good fitness even she's fat, has long black hair (possibly reaching to her hips), fair-skinned, black eyes, wears red lipstick, and has a tiny spot on her left cheek. She wears a mask like many characters, two pairs of gold earrings, three gold bracelets, one on her right arm and two on her left arm, and a red dress which resembles that of a heart with golden adornments attached to it.



Hi, I'm Valletta. You're in the Silver League. That means you're mine now. I heard you weren't much to look at. Hmmm. Maybe I heard wrong. C'mon, tiger. Show me what you've got.

–Valletta introduces herself

Climbing League:

I don't know what you're used to, but we play rough in this league. Just keep your cool and you'll do okay.
Show me what you can do. C'mon - impress me!
Know what a girl likes best? Treasure. So go get me some!
You really think you could be the next King of Thieves? Maybe it's time we had a Queen of Thieves instead, hmmm?
You've got to be careful with all those dungeon traps. I like my men all in one piece. Remember that.
Lots of clever and cute-looking thieves here... ...but maybe I still like you the most.
If you win instead of me, how about a surprise present? Hint - I like diamonds best.
Dungeons. Traps. Totems. Treasure. Yawn. If only someone could take me away from this and show me a good time.
So I was talking to one of the other competitors, and he said-- Oh wait. You're not jealous, are you?
The way you pick locks and disarm traps is really cool. I like a man with nimble hands.
You've met Jace, slimy Sleema and that old bore Rafe, right? It's about time we had a real man around here.
You think this league is tough? Then you don't even want to know what Lord Rastin's league is like
Things getting hard for you now, huh? I thought you could handle pressure.
So many thieves after the same prize. You won't be mad at me when I win, instead of you?

Entering the Top of the League:

You feel it? You're so close now to winning. But not as close as I am. Sorry, tiger.

Losing League:

You lost? Awww, too bad. Better luck next time, though, huh?
Not everyone can be a winner... ...but they're always the ones I like best.
You're starting to make a habit of losing. That's a bad habit to be getting into.
You're not nearly so cute when you keep losing like this.
Don't worry. There's no shame in losing to a woman. Not when that woman is me, anyway.

Winning League:

You did it. That means you go on to face Lord Rastin. I hope you know just how dangerous that is. When you become King of Thieves, come back and see me. Okay, tiger?


  • Valletta

    Valletta's official artwork, this was featured on a post by the official King of Thieves' Twitter page

    She was named after Malta's capital city, named Valletta.
  • Unlike Lord Rastin, she (kinda) supports the player to keep trying until winning the league and even congratulates him when winning it. Something similar happens with Geffi
  • She states to the player that there hasn't been any queen of thieves, but Missy and Lady Painsworth were thief queens once.
  • Her name could be Rosetta because she says that name when she introduces herself with the player, but that could be a glitch — the same thing happens with Rafe.
  • Apparently, she was designed by an artist named Anna Korkman, artist name: Newmilky. Reference:
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