Attention All Users!

As you have all probably noticed, the admins on this wiki are very inactive. In fact, they were last logged on last year. Even the founder is inactive. Due to the fact that not much can be done on a wiki with no administration, I would like to ask every one of you if a change in leadership would be welcome. If so, I and some other users who i know are unhappy with this situation would like to put forward a request for wiki adoption. To do that the community must agree. I would like to ask that every active user read this and respond with their opinion. If the general consensus is for the change in administration, then i will put forward the request in a week. Please reply, as this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Just to let everyone know i am not just some wannabe admin with no experience, I also edit on the Minecraft Pocket Edition wiki, the Shadowhunter Chronicles wiki and the Game of Thrones wiki. I admit i am not an admin on any of these wikis, but i have a year of experience on the MCPE wiki and i know basic wikitext. Thank you.

Targaryen Wikia User | RedstoneDemigod | User Talk Targaryen
13:56, June 29, 2016 (UTC)

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