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  • I live in Hyrule
  • I was born on January 13
  • My occupation is Estudiante/Student
  • I am Hombre
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¡Hola compañeros! (Hello guys) This is my userpage, i love King of Thieves, it's such a great game.

Anyway, i have some experience in Wiki editing, and since i see this Wiki has just begun, i'll love to be an active user, edit and add info as much as i can.

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  • Game user: Max
  • Guild: Thundercatz (Level: 13) (I'm the leader)
  • Guild Members: 24
  • Guild ribbons: 42
  • Guild Gem Total: Over 11.000.000
  • League: Orbeuseus
  • My Gem Total: Above 1.000.000 (1 million)

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