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Totemius mugshot.

Totemius is a god thief, champion of the Totemius league.


Totemius is the 3rd and last god thief of the god's leagues. He is the god of totems. He is the eldest god, and it causes him some problems with his memory. The red gem floating in his ''torso-mouth'' can shoot lightning.


He is a king of stone (a golem for his characteristics), with skeleton shape. He has big flames on his shoulders. His torso is shaped like a head with a mouth. He has some gems studded on his body, two in his eyes (green on the right and purple on the left), two orange gems in his chest, and a big red gem floating in his ''torso-mouth'' with several teeth.



  • I'm Totemius. So who are you, eh? Someone who wants to be the king of kings? What - another one already? Well, get started, then. Show me what you can do!

Climbing league:

  • Totemius, that's me. Eldest of all the gods! Eldest... and some might even say greatest!
  • Memory problems? Don't be ridiculous -I'm a god! Sorry, what was your name again?
  • Totemius, that's me. Eldest of all the... Wait, we've had this conversation before, haven't we?
  • You're not the first one I've met who wanted to be king of kings. Well, I can't remember exactly how many others there's been... But it's a lot.
  • You thief chaps. Always so amusing! I love the way you all... Sorry, what was I saying a moment ago?

Demotion to the previous league:

  • Are you sure this is your sort of thing?
  • Oh, dear. That could have gone better, couldn't it?
  • You know, I was so sure you would do better than that.
  • Well, I'm sure we'll see you back in this league again.


This god probably has the magic to give power to totems to mix gems.

Third League Champions

Orbeuseus | Invinsius | Totemius

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