The Time Warp was the official term given to the event when multiple players experienced account rollbacks due to server issues. After the problem was resolved by Zeptolab, the players affected got a compensation, which included:


On February 23, 2016, at approximately 6 pm UTC+0, the data center where the servers existed faced a power failure, resulting in data problems for many players. These players experienced account rollback many months into the past and removal of in-app purchases.

The developers were able to restore progress to the players affected to the state of their account on February 20 and were also able to return in-app purchases made between February 20 and the Time Warp.

Despite the compensations, some players still lost a lot of progress, such as large gems stolen between February 20 and the Time Warp.

A similar event occured in October 2016, when accounts lost several hours worth of progress. However, since this was minor, the players affected did not get compensation.


  • Most players have confusion of the Time Warp's meaning.
  • Apparently, players had their accounts reverted to many months in the past, but retained some features of their dungeon such as level and Thrones.
  • The name "Time Warp" is probably given because the players' progress rolled back to months in the past, effectively "warping" their progress back in time.

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