Thrones are what boost the player's character when attacking a dungeon. They provide health to withstand traps, and 0-3 boosts that help the player progress in the game.

Thrones can be crafted/upgraded by Magic Items.

It is recommended to save all eyes for obtaining and upgrading the Foreseer throne, and pouring cheaper ingredients on thrones like Wealthy Duke and Lucky Crystal until the Foreseer is unlocked.

Throne Statistics

The information contained in this section is up to date as of patch 2.25 (March 2018). However, many details are missing. Please add any information you may have into this table.

Sections below this one contain information about old version of the game (post 2.17). This section is post 2.18 - 2.20?

Throne Level Health Gold Steal Best Next level: materials needed
Rough Cut

Rough Cut

1 Health 40 Free
Brave Heart

Brave Heart

1 Health 60
2 Health 70
3 Health 80
4 Health 90
5 Health 100
Wealthy Duke

Wealthy Duke

1 Health 110 Goldstealbonus 5%
2 Health 115 Goldstealbonus 8% Gold coin 27,000 Leaf16 2 Sand16 1
3 Health 120 Goldstealbonus 11% Gold coin 30,000 Leaf16 3 Sand16 2
4 Health 125 Goldstealbonus 14% Gold coin 40,000 Leaf16 4 Sand16 3
5 Health 130 Goldstealbonus 17% Gold coin 40,000 Leaf16 4 Sand16 3
Lucky Crystal

Lucky Crystal

1 Health 140 Goldstealbonus 20% Gemstealchance 5% Gold coin 45,000 Leaf16 5 Sand16 3
2 Health 145 Goldstealbonus 23% Gemstealchance 8% Gold coin 50,000 Leaf16 5 Sand16 3
3 Health 150 Goldstealbonus 26% Gemstealchance 11% Gold coin 60,000 Leaf16 5 Sand16 4
4 Health 155 Goldstealbonus 29% Gemstealchance 14% Gold coin 70,000 Leaf16 6 Sand16 4
5 Health 160 Goldstealbonus 32% Gemstealchance 17% Gold coin 80,000 Sand16 4 Mushroom 1
Wise Judge

Wise Judge

1 Health 170 Goldstealbonus 35% Gemstealchance 20% Bestgempickchance 5% Gold coin 90,000 Sand16 5 Mushroom 1
2 Health 175 Goldstealbonus 37% Gemstealchance 23% Bestgempickchance 8% Gold coin 100,000 Sand16 5 Mushroom 2
3 Health 180 Goldstealbonus 39% Gemstealchance 26% Bestgempickchance 11% Gold coin 110,000 Sand16 6 Mushroom 2
4 Health 185 Goldstealbonus 41% Gemstealchance 29% Bestgempickchance 14% Gold coin 120,000 Sand16 7 Mushroom 2
5 Health 190 Goldstealbonus 43% Gemstealchance 32% Bestgempickchance 17% Gold coin 130,000 Sand16 7 Mushroom 3
Sun Lit

Sun Lit

1 Health 200 Goldstealbonus 45% Gemstealchance 35% Bestgempickchance 20%
2 Health 205 Goldstealbonus 47% Gemstealchance 37% Bestgempickchance 23% Gold coin 150,000 Mushroom 3 Eyeball-0 2
3 Health Goldstealbonus Gemstealchance Bestgempickchance Gold coin Mushroom  Eyeball-0
4 Health Goldstealbonus Gemstealchance Bestgempickchance Gold coin Mushroom  Eyeball-0
5 Health 220 Goldstealbonus 53% Gemstealchance 43% Bestgempickchance 32% Gold coin 190,000 Mushroom 2 Eyeball-0 1
Screenshot 2016-02-20-11-56-53-1
1 Health 230 Goldstealbonus 55% Gemstealchance 45% Bestgempickchance 35% Gold coin 200,000 Mushroom 2 Eyeball-0 1
2 Health 235 Goldstealbonus 56% Gemstealchance 47% Bestgempickchance 38% Gold coin 210,000 Mushroom 2 Eyeball-0 2
3 Health 240 Goldstealbonus 57% Gemstealchance 48% Bestgempickchance 40% Gold coin 220,000 Mushroom 3 Eyeball-0 2
4 Health 245 Goldstealbonus 58% Gemstealchance 50% Bestgempickchance 43% Gold coin 230,000 Mushroom 3 Eyeball-0
5 Health 250 Goldstealbonus 59% Gemstealchance 51% Bestgempickchance 45% Gold coin 240,000 Mushroom 3 Eyeball-0 3
6 Health 255 Goldstealbonus 60% Gemstealchance 53% Bestgempickchance 48% Gold coin 250,000 Mushroom 4 Eyeball-0 3
7 Health 260 Goldstealbonus 61% Gemstealchance 54% Bestgempickchance 50% Gold coin 260,000 Mushroom 4 Eyeball-0 3
8 Health 265 Goldstealbonus 62% Gemstealchance 56% Bestgempickchance 53% Gold coin 270,000 Mushroom 4 Eyeball-0 4
9 Health 270 Goldstealbonus 63% Gemstealchance 57% Bestgempickchance 55% Gold coin 300,000 Mushroom 5 Eyeball-0 4
10 Health 275 Goldstealbonus 64% Gemstealchance 59% Bestgempickchance 58% Gold coin 340,000 Mushroom 5 Eyeball-0 5
11 Health 280 Goldstealbonus 65% Gemstealchance 60% Bestgempickchance 60% Gold coin 380,000 Mushroom 6 Eyeball-0 6
12 Health 285 Goldstealbonus 66% Gemstealchance 62% Bestgempickchance 63% Gold coin Mushroom Eyeball-0
13 Health Goldstealbonus Gemstealchance Bestgempickchance Gold coin Mushroom  Eyeball-0
14 Health Goldstealbonus Gemstealchance Bestgempickchance Gold coin Mushroom  Eyeball-0
15 Health 300 Goldstealbonus 70% Gemstealchance 70% Bestgempickchance 70% Win a Crown Arena


Health 350 Goldstealbonus 75% Gemstealchance 75% Bestgempickchance 75%

Win King of Kings League


of Kings

Health 400 Goldstealbonus 80% Gemstealchance 80% Bestgempickchance 80%

Rough Cut

Rough Cut The default throne. It appears to be a small, grey seat with straight edges. Has low armrests and rhombus-shaped indents on the backrest and both armrests. Obtained at the start of the game.

Rough Cut is rarely used by players, due to the lack of advantages.

Brave Heart

Brave Heart The second throne. A blocky seat made of red-tinted stone with straight edges. Has protruding armrests and a heart-shaped indent on the backrest. A small, red carpet is placed on the base.

Brave Heart is often used by players who are starting the game. It has substantially more health than Rough Cut, which makes it more beneficial to use. It has no boosts, however, which makes it inferior to most other thrones.

Wealthy Duke

Wealthy Duke The third throne. It has a large, circular, coin-like structure serving as the headrest. It has a short backrest and two small armrests. A lush red carpet covers the seat. It appears to be made entirely out of gold.

Wealthy Duke is often the throne used by middle-stage players to obtain large amounts of Gold. When fully upgraded, Wealthy Duke has the third-highest Gold Boost percentage in the game. It also costs less to upgrade than the other Gold Boost thrones, making it a viable option.

Lucky Crystal

Lucky Crystal The fourth throne. It appears to be made out of three, turquoise, quartz-like crystals. One large crystal makes the backrest and two tiny crystals form the armrests. The base is made of the same crystal. It has a rhombus-shaped indent on the backrest and a magenta carpet with rhombus patterns on the base.

Lucky Crystal is very frequently used by middle-stage platers for getting gems. When fully upgraded, Lucky Crystal has the third-highest Gem Steal Chance boost in the game. It also costs less to upgrade than the other Gem Steal Chance thrones, making it a viable option.

Wise Judge

Wise Judge The fifth throne. It is a large, bulky throne made out of a purple-tinted stone. It has two rhombus-shaped indents on the backrest and a headrest resembling a peacock's tail. Two small, orange, pyramid-like structures protrude upwards from each armrest. A blue carpet covers the base.

Wise Judge is frequently used by medium-stage players to get gems. Its high Best Gem Chance makes it powerful in the middle game. However, the low Gem Steal Chance makes it weaker than most players think of it to be – fully upgraded, it has the lowest Gem Steal Chance out of all the Gem Steal Chance thrones.

Sun Lit

Sun Lit The sixth throne. It has three orange, square-shaped tiles with symbols that look like sunsets. One large tile serves as the headrest while the two other tiles are on the ends of the two armrests. The throne itself is made of blue-tinted stone. A purple carpet is placed on the seat.

Sun Lit is usually the second last throne to be unlocked for most players. It effectively serves as Wealthy Duke combined with Lucky Crystal, letting the player get Gold AND Gems. However, it does not have a Best Gem Chance, making it uncommon to see this throne for higher levels.


Screenshot 2016-02-20-11-56-53-1
The seventh throne. It is a triangular throne with a backrest made out of brown stone. The base is very small and appears to be made entirely out of gold. A large eye is in the center of the backrest.

Foreseer is currently the best craftable throne in the game. All endgame players will have to craft and max out this throne at one point or another, as fully upgrading it will give the best of every boost.

King of Kings

2016-07-04 12.11.26
The final throne. It has three orange, triangular prongs on the top that form a crown. The throne is made of a purple-tinted stone but has an orange outline all around, and orange armrests. There are rhombus-shaped indents on the two armrests, and a pink carpet covers the base.

King of Kings is the best throne in the game, with 80% of every boost and 350 health. Only one player can own this throne at a time. This player is the current winner of the King of Kings League and can be considered the King of Thieves.


  • The Forseer's appearance with the triangle and the eye might be a reference to the infamous Illuminati conspiracies.

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