The Maze is an ultimate thievery challenge that will require all your skills to get rewarded. Your goal is to reach the chest with as much health as possible. In the maze, you don't start over after being hit by the trap, but your health will be reduced. Good luck, and remember the key is for one run only!



The Maze is a new game mode introduced in update 2.10. This game mode places the player in a large dungeon filled with Saws, Red Guardians, and Cannons. The player starts in a door in the bottom right of the Maze, and the chest is located in the upper left of the Maze.

Unlike normal gameplay, hitting a trap in the Maze does not kill the player, but instead decreases the player's health by the appropriate amount and automatically disables the trap hit. The normal star system applies as well.

Upon reaching the chest at the end of the Maze, the player is awarded with Tears based on how many stars the player sustained. 3 stars rewards 15 tears, 2 stars rewards 10 tears, and 1 star rewards 5 tears.

The Maze spinner also appears after reaching the chest, which contains 4 sections:

  1. Gold (45%)
  2. Keys (35%)
  3. Tears (10%)
  4. Orbs (10%)

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How to Access

Every day, at 2 am GMT+0, 3 Daily Quests are given to the player. The quest are random, but it can be: steal a gem of a certain color, steal 3 random gems, steal a number of gold, pass others dungeons 5 times, and pass a dungeon with 3 stars. Each completed mission awards one part of the Maze key, which requires 3 parts to unlock.

If not all the missions are completed before 2 am GMT+0, the completed missions are replaced and the Maze key remains partially unlocked.

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King of thieves - The new Maze mode run through

King of thieves - The new Maze mode run through

Run-through of The Maze

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