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Update 2.13

Subscription is a paid feature added in Update 2.13. It allows players to subscribe to King of Thieves, thereby receiving special rewards.


Subscription cost $5 to buy. When purchased, it gives players:

  • x10 Lock Picks capacity ( for example, if one has a maximum of 66 keys, after subscription, they will have a maximum of 660 keys)
  • x10 lock picks regeneration speed
  • Gold Mine regenerates Dry Tears to a maximum of 50 tears.
  • Three exclusive subscribers' Diamond Tier Outfits

Subscriptions are permanent and last until cancellation. Meanwhile it is possible to subscribe only one month if subscription is cancelled before the next payment (though the outfits still stay after cancellation).

Beware, unistalling the game will not cancel the subscription.

To cancel the subscription under Android, open Google play store, go to "My games and applications" and tap "subscription". Open the King of Thieves subscription and tap "MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS".

Subscribers' Outfits

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Subscription and cancellation under Android

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