This is a Style-O-Thief outfit machine. It gives you a random outfit in exchange for magic items. The more items you put in, the higher the chances that you'll get rare costume.


Style o' Thief
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Game Mechanic

Style o' Thief is an in-game feature that allows the player to obtain random Outfits using Magic items.

How it works

The Style o' thief machine works similar to a slot machine used in casinos. The player enters a number of magic items into the machine by tapping the arrows by each magic items' symbol. This causes the lever of the machine to rise, but it will only turn green once a certain number of items have been selected. Once the lever turns green the player taps it, which begins the process. The machine will rattle, then eject a ball which cracks open to reveal the outfit. If the player receives a duplicate outfit, they will receive tips instead. The process is entirely random, but the chances of receiving a high level outfit, like White Shadow, can be increased by using rarer magic items, like Eyes or Mushrooms.


  • As the player increases the number of magic items they want to use, the color of the balls in the machine change, becoming better outfits like gold and silver.
  • If the player tries to add more magic items than they currently have in their inventory, then they will get a prompt to buy more items using orbs.
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