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Sleema, is a loyal servant of Lord Rastin, and is the Stone League Champion.


He is a really prideful thief, servant of Lord Rastin. He annoys the player throughout his time during the Stone League, reminding him about his lost throne and other things.


He is really loyal to his Lord, and although he just keeps annoying the player to make him give up, he respects the player when he wins the league. 


He has a long, red nose, orange hair, seems tall, with long arms. He wears a mask, and a large, red and dirty coat, which looks worn out.



  • Greetings...I suppose.  I'm Sleema, master of the Stone League.  I've heard about you. You think you can challenge Lord Rastin?  Oh amusing.

Climbing League:

  • I'm watching you.  Just remember that.
  • Not as easy as the last league, is it? Maybe you should go back there.
  • So you're the one who thinks he can usurp Lord Rastin? Sorry.  I really don't think so.
  • Is it true?  You used to be the King of Thieves before Lord Rastin? You really have fallen far, haven't you?
  • All you greedy little thieves, running around stealing from each other. It really is quite entertaining to watch.
  • You seem to be getting the hang of this now. Well done.  Now let's see how long that lasts.
  • Not as easy as you thought it would be, is it? This isn't the Wooden League and I'm not that oaf Jace...I'm glad to say.
  • You should be careful. You're starting to attract attention now. Don't be too cocky. I didn't say what kind of attention.
  • Thieves are such an untrustworthy bunch, aren't they? That's what makes this competition fun to watch.
  • Someone stole from you?  Well, what are you waiting for? Go steal even more than you lost from someone else!

Entering the Top of the League:

  • You are full of surprises, aren't you? Maybe I should warn Lord Rastin about you.

Losing League:

  • Defeat? Well, no surprise, I suppose. You're welcome to try again, if you think that'll make any difference.
  • Another defeat.  I admire your fortitude, if little else.
  • This is becoming something of a habit now, isn't it? Have you considered that maybe thievery just isn't for you?

Winning League:

  • That was...unexpected. I suppose I must offer my congratulations. Perhaps there really is more to you than meets the eye.


  • He is one of the few characters that show their skin, in this case he shows his nose and hands.
  • Valletta calls him Slimy Sleema.
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