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Shady Joe's Baazar
Shady Joe
Shady Joe is the one who gives you a time offer. Especially an offer about Potions and Orbs. In version 2.8, he's no longer around you, as he's replaced by his cousin Eve due to his vacation.

In version ___, He was re-introduced back to the game, with more then he had when he left. Now by doing rituals you will fill up a vile that can be found beside your totem. When you fill one up, Shady Joe will take it and give you a rewards chest. This chest will contain magic items that can be used to create usefull spells in the Magic Book.

After A Few Updates Later In The Game , Shady Joe Returns Again In Version 2.33 , But This Time He Have A Bazaar On The World Map And Now He Want To Share His Stuff To Other Players In The Game

      • No Description on that the spells do though
Non League Characters

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