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The Seeker Bird (aka Fruit Fly) is a mobile trap that kills the thief upon contact, however its hitbox does not include the wings. The Seeker Bird moves towards the thief on a linear path, at a slightly slower speed than his. It cannot move through terrain and will slide along the walls on its way instead of using a pathfinder algorithm, meaning it can be trapped in a corner.


The Seeker Bird appears to look more like a fly than a bird, hence the fan nickname for the trap being the "Fruit Fly".

  • Level 1-6: Circular purple one-eyed creature with a pair of tiny wings.
  • Level 7-14: Added a golden V on the forehead, and the wings are bigger.
  • Level 15-35: Added a diamond piece on the forehead, an extra pair of wings added and has a blue pupil. The original wings are even bigger.
  • Level 36-45: The diamond piece is now replaced with a skull-like helmet, the eye has turned red as well.The top of the helmet is sharp-pointed and red colored.
Level 1-6
Level 7-14
Level 15-30
Level 36-45

Interactions with Other Traps

If the Seeker Bird hits another movable or stationary trap, it will collide and suffer small deviations from its seeking original path and sometimes stops for half a second before moving again. These trap interactions can be used to increase the difficulty in predicting the bird's path.

Even when a "hitting" trap is upgrading, it will influence the Seeker Bird's path. This happens because if the interactions are removed on trap upgrade, the non-deviations of the Seeker Bird could render an impossible thief path causing an unfair dungeon design. However, since the upgrading traps' paths will be invisible to the player, it may cause a surprise on first attempt and almost an impossible zero-death scenario.


  • In older versions of the game, if a Seeker Bird was placed inside a wall, a Red Guard or Spinner could be used to push it into a dungeon path. The Bird would then remain stationary as if it was still locked inside a wall. This trick was used to make a Seeker Bird behave like Blades in dungeons where a Blade would be unfair, so it was removed from the game.


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