The Ricochet is a movable Trap that kills the thief on impact. It ricochets off walls diagonally 4 times before changing direction. It is considered part of the second class of traps, costing more to upgrade across all levels.


The Ricochet looks like a giant gloved fist.

  • Level 1-6: Normal look
  • Level 7-14: Add a golden band around the wrist
  • Level 15-35: Add diamond studs around the wrist
  • Level 36-46: Add teeth band around the wrist
Ricochet-1st Ricochet-2nd Ricochet-3rd
Ricochet 4th
Level 1-6
Level 7-14
Level 15-36
Level 36-46


  • The Ricochet's name is literal, due to the ricochet ability of it.

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