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The Red Guard is the second trap in the game. They are movable traps that can move through terrain and kill the thief upon contact. The Red Guardian moves back and forth in a vertical or horizontal straight line at least 4 blocks long. Along its path, its velocity changes from 0 to top speed, accelerating until it reaches about the middle point of the path and then decelerates until stops in the end point. The longer the path, the longer it takes for the Red Guardian to reach maximum speed.


It looks like a red Circle with a single eye (like most of the traps), has a pair of tiny hands/legs and a straight line mouth.

  • Level 1-6: A tooth pointing down and a red rounded body with spikes, in the very first version released of the game, the Red Guardian at this levels didn't have a tooth.
  • Level 7-14: 4 teeth pointing down, a golden V on its forehead and spikes on its body.
  • Level 15-35: 2 teeth pointing up, blue glowing eye and 2 diamond pieces embedded in the body.
  • Level 36-45: Red eye and skull (or mask).
Red Guard 1-6 Red Guard 7-14 Red Guard 15-30
Level 1-6
Level 7-14
Level 15-30
Level 36-45


The Red Guard is primarily used as a spawn trap, of which there are many. One of the simplest examples of a spawn trap is the Delayed Red Guard Jump, where the Red guard is placed facing left on the shortest path moving horizontally with its endpoint 3 units from the door. See the image for an example of a base that utilizes this jump.


Red Guard Tricks

Red Guardian Jump explained in the video below, it is often called R.G Jump for short:


King of Thieves How To Do "R.G Jump"

Red Guard Jump

Reg Guardian Spawn Trap is shown in this video, and it can be used without doubling it with Seeker Bird:


King of Thieves Double Spawn Trap


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