Orbeceus mugsgot

Orbeceus mugshot

Orbeuseus is a god thief, champion of the Orbeuseus league.


She is the 1st god thief of the god's league. She is the godess of orbs.


She wears a wooden mask studded with a blue gem on her forehead, and gems located on her eyes. She has three pairs of arms, two of them are used to hold a floating orbs. Her long hair is blue, like her skin. As the other god thieves and most of the characters she tends to be prideful and liking to annoy the player, but unlike other characters she treats the player slightly friendly and even states that it saddens her when the player finally progresses to the next league.


  • Actually she owns a toy featured as unique gems in 2.8 update.
  • she treats the player friendly but not as friendly as Valletta's
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