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[[File:Orbeceus mugsgot.png|thumb|328x328px|Orbeceus mugshot]]
[[File:Orbeceus mugsgot.png|thumb|328x328px|Orbeceus mugshot]]'''Orbeuseus''' is a god thief, champion of the '''Orbeuceus league.'''
'''Orbeceus''' is a god thieve, champion of the '''Orbeceus league.'''
== Story ==
== Story ==

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Orbeceus mugsgot

Orbeceus mugshot

Orbeuseus is a god thief, champion of the Orbeuceus league.


She is the 1st god thieve of the god's league. She is the godess of orbs.


She wears a wooden mask studded with a blue gem gems located crimped and two eyes. She has three pairs of arms, two of them used to hold a floating orbs. Her long hair is blue, like her skin.

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