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Orbeuseus mugshot

Orbeuseus is a god thief, champion of the Orbeuseus league.


She is the 1st god thief of the god's league. She is the goddess of orbs. Upon entering her league, she requests for the player to entertain her.


As per the other god thieves and most of the characters, she tends to be prideful and likes to annoy the player, but unlike other characters, she treats the player slightly friendly and even states that it saddens her when the player finally progresses to the next league.


She has bright blue hair reach to her legs and she has light blue skin with light blue earrings or just the ear. She has a black sleeveless dress with light blue and black underneath it and a purple waist sash tied around it. She wears a wooden mask studded with a blue gem on her forehead, and purple gem located on her right eye and yellow gem located on her left eye. She has six arms with dark teal gloves with eighteen oval adornments of her six wristbands, four hands are used to hold a floating orb. One of her upper left arm has gold armband.


Entering the Orbeuseus League

  • Well, hello, little mortal. Welcome to the Gods League! Yes, I'm Orbeuseus, God of Thieves! Please, no need to bow. Just try and entertain me!

Losing the Orbeuseus League

Tekrar dene


  • The special gem for challenges in the 2.8 update was actually a toy owned by Orbeuseus.
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