Lord Rastin got what he deserved. And now I'm finally avenged for what he did to me.


Rastin's mugshot

Lord Rastin is the main antagonist of the first arc of the King of Thieves story, and the Gold League champion.


Lord Rastin is the thief who transforms Geffi into a ghost using his dark magic. He is responsible for sending the main player (who was once the King of Thieves) to jail and stealing their throne. However, after the player beats the first five leagues, Lord Rastin is no longer the King of Thieves.


Lord Rastin is an arrogant, power-hungry, proud and mischievous thief who likes to annoy the player. He always teases the player by reminding him how he stole his throne and how proud he is of his wealth throughout the first five leagues.


Lord Rastin's face and whole body seems to be black like the player. He wears a Gold King crown with three gems attached to it, and a big blue King gown. He also wears a blue coat or dress with fur attached and a big dark blue collar.



  • What!? How did you manage to escape the prison where I put you? No matter - you'll never regain your old throne. Jace, take care of him!

Entering the Top of the Wooden League:

  • So the rumors are true... You've escaped from that dungeon I left you in. And now here you are, trying to regain your throne. You've still got a long way to go, though.

Entering the Top of the Stone League:

  • You're still alive? That's an unwelcome surprise. Poor Sleema. He's so loyal to me... ...and now I'll have to punish him if he doesn't stop you from winning this league.

Entering the Top of the Bronze League:

  • Now you're really starting to annoy me. I knew it was a mistake trusting that braggart Rafe. Enjoy your victories. There won't be many more.

Entering the Top of the Silver League:

  • Still here? Good. I have a proposal for you. Give up now and swear loyalty to me, and I'll reward you. You could have Jace's or Sleema's job, as my faithful servant. You dare refuse me, the rightful King of Thieves? You'll pay for this...

Entering Golden League:

  • I'm Rastin - Lord Rastin to you. And you must be-- Ahh, but we know who you are, don't we? The fool who thinks he can be King of Thieves again. I look forward to watching you fail.

Climbing League:

  • I created this competition for my own amusement. I think you're going to be very amusing to watch.
  • You remember how you were once King of Thieves? Until I stole your power and had you thrown in a dungeon? I bet that really annoys you.
  • I like being King of Thieves. I've no plans for you to replace me any time soon.
  • You've done well to get this far. If you give up now, I'll understand.
  • Do you remember the dungeon I imprisoned you in? I can arrange for you to go back there, if you like.
  • You've regained many of your old powers. Do you think that'll be enough to defeat me?
  • Thieves are an untrustworthy bunch, aren't they? Why would anyone ever want to rule over them?*Has someone been helping you along the way? When I find them, they'll be punished!
  • The lovely Valletta's an interesting girl, isn't she? Trust me, she's way out of your league.
  • You remember when you were King of Thieves before me? The wealth? The power? The status? But that was a long time ago now.
  • That dungeon you escaped from. You remember it? Trust me, the one I'll put you back into will be much worse.
  • Give up and acknowledge me as the rightful King of Thieves. I'll let you run one of the lower leagues for me. Sound tempting?
  • It's taken a lot to get this far, hasn't it? How do you think it'll feel when you fail?
  • If you win, you'll be merciful to me, won't you? Just kidding. You'll never win, so I'm not worried.
  • Those traps your rivals make are quite ingenious. It would be so sad if one of them killed you...
  • Just thought I'd check in to see-- Oh. You're still alive? That's a surprise. I definitely wasn't expecting that.

Entering the Top of the League:

  • You're doing better than expected. How did you manage that? Are you cheating? Is someone helping you? Someone's going to pay for this!

Losing League:

  • King of Thieves? Please, don't make me laugh.
  • Failed again? Why doesn't that surprise me?
  • Why don't you crawl back to that dungeon where they found you?
  • Did you really think you could ever be King of Thieves?
  • Please, try again. I do enjoy watching you fail.
  • King of Thieves? Seriously? King of Fools, more like.

Winning League:

  • No! It's not possible! You've won. How did you do that!? Tell me now! There's only one King of Thieves, and it'll always be me! You hear me? I'm the true King of Thieves! Me!!!


  • He is the only character in the game, besides from other players, that looks similar in appearance to the protagonist.
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