Lock Picks



Lock Picks, also known simply as keys, are items in the game that allow the player to unlock and enter dungeons.


Lock Picks naturally generate over a period of time. When the player starts off, their Lock Pick Capacity is 10. The limit and speed at which the Lock Picks regenerate can be upgraded using Gold in the castle or by buying Subscriptions, which increase capacity and regeneration speed drastically. Lock Picks can also be obtained by completing The Maze, and winning them from the reward wheel. The keys will be added to the player's inventory, and in some cases will exceed the limit. The player will have more Lock Picks, but they will not regenerate unless the number drops below the limit again. Lock Picks can also be obtained by paying Orbs to refill the inventory, or watching an ad to receive a set number of keys based on your Lock Pick Capacity. Leveling up will also reward the player with keys equal to their Lock Pick Capacity, but they will not exceed the limit.

The regeneration time of lock picks can be increased by upgrading Lock Pick Regeneration from the castle or by buying Subscriptions.

Flawlessing a dungeon (completing it without any deaths) will refund the number of keys used to break into the dungeon (excluding any keys obtained through watching ads).

1000 keys are also given after Time Warp as a compensation.


Lock Picks are only used for unlocking Dungeons to raid them. The level of the lock determines how many keys are needed. Bronze locks use only 1 Lock Pick per keyhole, Purple locks use 3, and Gold locks use 6.

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