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Lil' Scorcher (also known as the Dragon) is a stationary Trap that breathes a lenghty fire wave that kills the thief on impact. The fire is what kills the thief; the dragon itself is harmless.

Unlike the other projectile traps, the fire from the Lil' Scorcher will influence the pathing of the Seeker Bird. When this trap was first introduced in version 2.9, there was a bug where upgrading this trap would cause it to no longer affect the Seeker Bird's pathing (in contrast with other traps which affect the Seeker Bird's pathing, even while upgrading). This bug allowed for players to create truly impossible bases, which required the Seeker Bird to be pushed in order to pass the dungeon normally. This bug has been fixed.


A dragon hiding in a hole that breathes fire.

  • Level 1-6: Normal look.
  • Level 7-14: Add a golden "helmet" to the dragon's head, and the toes have turned yellow.
  • Level 15-35: Add diamond studs to the back and sides of the dragon's hole. The helmet is removed, and the toes return to green.
  • Level 36-46: Wearing a skull, diamond studs removed

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