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Invinsius is a god thief and champion of the Invinsius League.


Invinsius mugshot.


He is the 2nd god thief of the god's leagues. He is the god of reincarnation. (respawns)


He wears a purple tuxedo with purple stripes with grey cuff with gold buttons and white gloves, and he holds a floating gold skull in his hands. This skull is the same skull that the other players leave in your dungeon when a trap hits them, but it's golden. Apparently, he doesn't have a face, but has a kind of purple spirit with three masks studded with different gems.


  • This god is the reason why the thieves do not die at all by being hit by a trap. Hence the existence of the skulls in the dungeons. Thieves reincarnate again and again.
  • This power doesn't seem to affect Lady Painsworth and Missy at all, maybe because that wasn't a theft: Missy died because she was playing with Monsters, Lady Painsworth died because she was killed by her own trap (perhaps a Blade).
  • His name is possibly based on the world invincible, possibly because he's the one who prevent thieves from dying, thus making them invincible.
Third League Champions

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