The Gravity Switch is a feature which reverses the natural phenomenon by which all things with mass are brought toward (or gravitate toward) one another when activated. It is used as a Trap, like a platform, but is not technically one, since it does no damage and cannot be upgraded. It is activated when the thief comes into contact with it, and it can only be activated once.

Only a select number of bases feature this trap.


  • Before Activation: The Gravity Switch is a yellow circle containing an arrow that points up, and floating chunks of rock.​
  • After Activation: The switch is grey and the arrow and rocks are in a reverse position, clearly taunting the player into trying to activate it again.


  • With a Gang of Thieves Potions, all thieves will have their gravity flipped when the switch is entered by one of the thieves. This trick can be used to bypass many difficult Gravity Switch bases and reach the Totem earlier than normal.

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