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Gold is an in-game currency that is used for upgrades. It is fairly easy to obtain.The maximum amount of gold you can hold at a time is 500,000.


Gold can be obtained by doing the following:

  • Collecting from skulls (up to 680 per skull)
  • Collecting from the Gold Mine (up to 17000 gold)
  • Selling Gems (x2 the gem value, x5 for unique gems)
  • Raiding Dungeons
  • Winning the consolation prize from weekly challenges (8000~50000 gold)
  • Spinning the wheel after completing the Maze and landing on the gold section (5000 gold)
  • Recieving the prize at the end of a League season


Gold has the following uses:

  • Upgrading Traps (up to 400000)
  • Skipping dungeons during Matchmaking (max 300)
  • Doing Dungeon Upgrades (up to 400000)
  • Buying the default and secondary trap sets in new dungeons
  • Creating a new guild (cost 200000)


  • Gold can't be stolen from the gold mine.
  • The amount of gold you can steal from a raid can be increased by obtaining and upgrading thrones. This extra gold is stolen from the attacker.
  • Attackers steal 30% of your gold on a 3 star, 15% on a 2 star, and 3% on a 1 star, not including throne bonuses or the double gold potion.
  • The double gold potion creates gold, so the defender will see that you stole half of what you received.
  • There is actually another way of obtaining gold, though it is ridiculously impractical. If you put large gems into your totem and create a very easy base (called a giveaway), Zeptolab will send you a message telling you not to giveaway gems, which also includes 1 gold.
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