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Update 2.7

The Gem Vault is a feature that was added in update 2.7. It was added to solve the issue of high level players running out of room in their gem slots, leaving them unable to play.

The Gem Vault has infinite space, and Gems sealed inside cannot be taken out, but their rating still counts towards the player's gem score. Only gems valued at 999,999 and higher or Unique Gems (any value) can be sealed inside the Gem Vault.

How to Access

The Gem Vault is unlocked when the player first makes a 999,999 gem or larger or obtains a Unique Gem. It appears as a small arrow in the gem slots screen, which opens out to display the Gem Vault. Geffi informs the player that these large gems can be sealed inside the Gem Vault in exchange for Magic Items.

The larger the gem, the smaller the cost to seal the gem into the Gem Vault. 999,999 gems cost 12 Mushrooms and 6 Eyes to seal, while 2,999,997 gems cost 7 Leaves and 5 Dust. This shows the importance of always crafting perfect gems.


  • Gems sealed inside the vault cannot be reorganized, which is a great annoyance to many players. Top thieves such as Michael have complained that their collection looks messy and not picture-worthy.
  • Prior to March 25, 2016, perfect gems cost 14 Leaves and 10 Dust to seal. Now, according to Zeptolab, only Keeper's Tax (7 Leaves and 5 Dust) is charged for sealing perfect gems.

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