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Geffi is a character from the King of Thieves story.


Apparently, he is friends with the main protagonist. He serves as a guide for new players, introducing the mechanics of the game and helping the player trough certain situations. He wants to take revenge on Lord Rastin like the player. He was once a thief like the protagonist. He states that he was rivals with Lord Rastin, and when he saw Rastin was going to steal the player's throne with dark magic, he tried to stop him with his own magic. However, Rastin's magic was stronger, and transformed him into a ghost, making Geffi's skills as a thief useless.


He is nice and helpful ghost that helps the player to get out of the jail where Lord Rastin put the main player, he is always helping the player.


His appearance looks like a purple ghost with gold adornments and white eyes. Geffi's face and whole body possibly looked like the player's or Rastin's, before turning into a ghost.



Psssst! I'm breaking you out. Get to the door!

–Geffi letting the player gets out from prison

Nice moves! Now watch out for those traps! Your character runs automatically. Jump off the wall to change direction. Look familiar? Not yet? Well, maybe you'll remember later.
Since you've just escaped the prison, you need a place to live. Let's make this dungeon your new home. Let's move in to this dungeon.
Like it? You'd better. It's your new home. It's no ordinary dungeon, though. It has a gold mine that replenishes over time! It also has a magic totem that will make you rich! Open the totem to perform a magic ritual
These gems are your main treasure! Let's put another gem into the totem and start the enhancing ritual. You can enhance them by putting them into the totem! Insert a gem into the totem. Put the gem back into your totem.
You know the trouble with rituals? They take a time to complete. Wait, do you hear that!? Someone broke into your dungeon! Another player has just stolen the gem from your totem! Let's edit your dungeon. Well done! You've improved your dungeon's defenses.  Let's steal your gem back. Now let's find that thief and steal your gem back!
You did it! You stole back your precious gem! Now put it back into your totem to continue the enhaching ritual. Well done! I can notify you when other players steal your stuff. One last thing. Don't forget about your missions. You will get nice rewards for completing them.
Find the right keyhole to break in. Now get to his totem! Let's go back home. Collect the gold from the gold mine.
Let's edit your dungeon to improve its defense! Pick this trap up... ...and drag it here. Save the dungeon.
Well done! You've improved your dungeon's defenses. Let's use coins to upgrade your skills. Get back to your dungeon. One last thing. Use this knowledge to regain your treasure and become the King of Thieves! We'll meet again soon. Good luck!
Do you realize how many people out there want to steal your gems? Let's play it safe this time and speed up the ritual. Speed up the ritual. Would you like to be notified about finished rituals in the future? Good job! Let's enhance one more gem. This totem can handle one more ritual. Let's enhance another gem. Start the last enhancing ritual. Oops. I forgot to tell you about this earlier, but these totems are fragile. We can't endlessly use their powers. After a certain number of rituals they become depleted. I recently noticed a brand new totem in a dungeon nearby.
Let's move your home base there! And you've just rescued one of them. Good job! But the thing is, my body is still locked inside some other totem. Please help me find it and rescue other people.
Let's move! Let's move to another totem! Make this dungeon your new home. You can choose a set of traps for your new dungeon. Tougher sets provide better defense, but cost orbs. Let's buy the first set. Let's buy this set. You know what to do. Good luck!
While you were away, another player attacked your dungeon again. Let's upgrade your lock to make it harder for others to break in. Let's upgrade your lock. No time to wait! Let's speed it up. Well done! You upgraded the lock and improved your dungeon defenses. Keep it up! I can notify you about finished upgrades in the future.
Congratulations on your first enhanced gem! Keep using the totem to become the wealthiest thief in the kingdom! The total value of your gems determines your position in the league. Let's check your current rank. That's you! You are in the competition. Get to the top to win valuable prizes and proceed to the next league. Reach the Golden League and you'll meet Lord Rastin - the one responsible for imprisoning you.
Don't worry. I'm sure you'll get to the top and win this league. Let's enhance another gem to increase your rank! Now let's upgrade your traps to increase their attack damage. Let's upgrade your traps. Let's speed them up. Congratulations on your new dungeon! Let's upgrade your traps to increase their damage. Let's upgrade your traps.
From now on, you'll receive one magic item for each completed ritual. Collect magic items to craft and upgrade your outfits. Let's craft a new outfit for you. Let's craft a new outfit. This outfit increases your health. It looks great on you! Collect more items and you'll be able to craft legendary outfits granting you unique skills. Good luck!

Version 2.7

Collect magic items to craft, upgrade thrones and get new outfit. Lets craft a new throne for you. this throne increase your health. You look great on it! Collect more items and you'll be able to craft a legendary thrones granting your skills. '
Now let's get a proper outfit for you.
This is a Style-O-Thief outfit machine. It gives you a random outfit in exchange for magic items. The more items you put in, the higher the changes that you'll get rare costume. Let's try it! What a great new look you've got. Its suits your throne perfectly! Time to try on your outfit and attack someone!

Entering Stone League

Don't listen to him. I bet he's just scared of you. By the way, congratulations on winning the Wooden League! Now you're able to create or join guilds! Let's see how guilds work. Here you can join another guild or create your own. Help your guild to make it to the top, to become the best thieves' guild in the world!

Winning Golden League

You did it! Finally you've regained your throne and become the King of Thieves! Lord Rastin got what he deserved. And now I'm finally avenged for what he did to me. I'll aways be in your debt, sire. So I'll still be around, if you need me. Until we meet again, your majesty!
But...I feel that we might have awoken a power far beyond Rastin's.

Entering King's League (Version 2.0 - Version 2.2)

Since you're the King of Thieves now, you're able to participate in the King's League! It's only available for Kings and has special rules. Your rank in the King's League is based on how much you have increased your total gems value since the beginning of each round.
So every round in the King's League is like a fresh start. Show all those kings who you are and prove that you are the mightiest King in the world! I didn't have a chance to tell you my story and explain why I'm helping you.
Lord Rastin and I were rivals for a very long time. I tried to stop him, when he used his dark magic to take the throne from you. But his magic was stronger than mine, and he transformed me into a ghost. Since then I've tried to get revenge, but without success. With me helping you, though, I think he can be defeated. Together, we have a chance to regain your throne and take revenge on Rastin for what he's done to me. I believe in you. You are the true King of Thieves.

Entering Orbeuseus League

Be careful! You can't be knocked back down to the lower league from Orbeuseus League, but you can be from the Invinsius, Totemius and the true Kings League. And then you have to work your way back up again.

Entering Emerald League

Uh-oh. Looks like I accidentally opened a passage from another world when I came back to help you. That's not good...
Now you'll have to face the Legendary Kings, returned from the dead!

Joining a Guild

Congratulations on joining a Guild! Guilds are constantly competing with each other. Prove your worth and help your guild to win current battle! Winner takes all. Reward is divided equally among the top contributors of the victorious guild. Your contribution to battle is based on how much you have increased your total gems value since the beginning of each round. Steal gems and enhance them to increase your delta and push your guild to the victory!

Depleting the Last Totem on the Campaign

Hey, you know that you've just destroyed the last totem in this land? Ha ha, don't worry. I've heard rumors one of the previous totems has regained its powers. Let's find it! Let's find it. This looks good to me. Let's move into this one. Let's move into this dungeon. See, the rumors were true. The totems regain their powers over time. I bet you will find more of them in the future.

After defeating Legendary Kings

Finally this world is free of those creepy legendary kings. Let dead things stay dead! Except me, of course. I'll stick around, if you don't mind.

About Challenge

Now you are strong enough to participate in challenges'! Thieves from all over the world are gathering to fight for unique gems! Unique gems are exremely rare and have special abilities. Winning the challenge is the only way to get unique gems , so the competition is really strong! Don't forget to check back on Friday to participate in the next challenge!

About Daily Quests

Good shape is a must for every thief. Each day I will give you quests to train your skills. Successful completion of quests opens the door to the maze!

Entering the maze

"The Maze is an ultimate thievery challenge that will require all your skills to get rewarded. Your goal is to reach the chest with as much health as possible. In the maze, you don't start over after being hit by the trap, but your health will be reduced. Good luck, and remember the key is for one run only!"


  • He is the only character in the game to help the main player achieve his goal to become the King of Thieves. Something similar happens with Valletta, although she just supports the player but does not help like Geffi.
  • Geffi is very smart, as he knows everything about the King of Thieves world.
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