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Game Element

Experience is a game mechanism responsible for the player's level. Through collecting experience, the player can level up.


By collecting enough experience (shown in the upper left corner) the player can level up. This causes the player to receive keys equal to their maximum key capacity and 5 orbs.

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The level of the player dictates the level of the players found in matchmaking. In general, the game will match the player with people of the same level. However, once the player reaches level 45, they are placed in the same pool as all players level 45 and above, meaning it is possible for a level 45 player to be attacked by a level 500 player. This consequently means that it is important to prepare for level 45, since the majority of players will have level 5 foreseer Thrones and a lot of skill in the game.

The level of the player also controls the size of Gems a player can place in the Totem. (include numbers)

The amount of experience needed to level up appears to scale linearly, though confirmation is needed for this.

The level of the player also appears to influence the difficulty and trap level of the Maze.

How to Obtain

Experience can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Completing a player's dungeon (rewards 6 xp)
  • Collecting the 3 xp orbs placed in a dungeon (rewards 3 xp each)
  • Completing a single player dungeons (rewards 6 xp)
  • Completing a mission (rewards between __ and 50 xp)


  • Many experienced players recommend to avoid gaining experience below level 45, because this gives the player more time to upgrade their Traps, thrones, castle, and skill tree. Methods to avoid gaining experience include: Raiding as little as possible, avoiding xp orbs when possible, not claiming mission rewards, and waiting for single player xp orbs to disappear before completing them.
  • Campers are a section of players who strive to upgrade their dungeon to very high levels at a low player level. This is accomplished through making difficult dungeons and farming the Gold from them to upgrade traps and the castle. This gives an advantage to those players because they are surrounded by weaker players who likely have weaker defenses.
  • Prior to January 15, 2016, xp orbs rewarded 5 experience each, and the player gained no experience from raiding a base. This was changed to partially displace the problem with camping.

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