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Eve is Shady Joe's cousin introduced in update 2.8. She replaces her cousin during his vacation. She gives you special offers that last 3 hours long each time.

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Eve's Mugshot


Not much is known about her, but according to the rumor she had good terms with the gods of thievery.


She is tan-skinned, has a platinum blonde wavy hair that reaches to her waist, blue eyes and red lipstick. She wears a mask, staying true to the tradition of the game designs, low-cut red dress with long sleeves with gold large belt or waist sash. She also wears a hooded black cloak fastened by two ruby gems with gold gilding on the edge attached to it. 


  • So far, she only one who is female character, that not considered to be a champion, other than Valletta, Missy, Lady Painsworth, and Orbeuseus.
  • She is the second blue eyed character to debut in an update of the game, the first is Missy (Even though she has a blue sclera and white pupils).
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