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Emperor Lurk was once a really dangerous thief king. He is the champion of the Diamond League. Emperor Lurk is locked in a chest so nobody knows his real appearance. His chest is full of gems, which are likely the ones he stole from other thieves.


Lurk revives four dead thief kings/queens, and thus the must compete in their leagues to defeat them. The thieves he revived are: Missy, Roopa, Auric, and Lady Painsworth.


His whole body is sealed inside a chest, so his real appereance can't be seen. His chest is brown, full of gems, chains and a big lock. He has a floating king crown with gems attached to it.

Apparently he floats, and knows very well how to use black magic (maybe the same as the magic Lord Rastin used to steal the throne from the player), and is really evil.


Entering the Top of the Emerald League

  • Roopa always was a fool. Don't be too confident, this is just the beginning.

Entering the Top of the Ruby League

  • I brought back these Legendary Kings to test you, if you survive Missy, wait and see who I've got for you next.

Entering the Top of the Sapphire League

  • That's the spirit. Can you guess who I am yet? I think you probably can.

Winning the diamond league:

Now kneel before your emperor and-- Wait! You won? And you have the key to my chest of secrets! No... No!!! Keep back! Don't use that key, I command you! I beg you!!!! If you open it, I'll cease to exist---- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!


  • His real appearance is currently a mystery.
  • His name in Spanish is different, unlike other characters, it is: Emperador Alasecho.
Second League Champions

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