Now you are strong enough to participate in challenges! Thieves from all over the world are gathering to fight for unique gems! Unique gems are exremely rare and have special abilities. Winning the challenge is the only way to get unique gems , so the competition is really strong! Don't forget to check back on thursday to participate in the next challenge!

– Geffi

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The challenge banner



Challenges are events that take place once every week in King of Thieves. They allow players the chance to win Unique Gems.


Challenges can be:

  • Stealing as many Gems of certain color.
  • Stealing as much Gold as possible.
  • Stealing as many gems as possible.
  • Performing as many Flawless Raids as possible.
  • Raiding as many players as possible.


Every Tier has a set placement requirement which changes depending on the level of the players participating. Prizes increase as the Challenge level increases.

  • Tier #1- Unique Gem
  • Tier #2- Bag of Orbs
  • Tier #3- Handful of Orbs
  • Tier #4- 50.000 Gold (Level 21-30 Tier)
  • Tier #5- Handful of Gold (approx. 5000)


  • Each challenge lasts 3 days, just like Guild Battles and League Rounds.
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