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The Cannon is a stationary projectile shooter trap that shoots bullets on a straight line. The Cannon itself does not have a hitbox and will not kill the thief or influence the Seeker Bird's path. The delay between the shots is constant and about 2s. The bullets will kill the thief upon contact and its hitbox is slightly larger than its sprite.

The player runs slightly faster than a cannonball, but slightly slower if the player is jumping. Some bases take advantage of this fact to force the player to time their jumps to avoid other traps while staying behind a cannonball.


The Cannon appears similar to a cannon (no surprise there) in shape and function.

  • Level 1-6: A narrow, blue-black barrel with two grey holders on the sides.
  • Level 7-14: Thicker barrel and has a golden trim around the nozzle.
  • Level 15-35: Even thicker barrel and has diamond pieces on the nozzle. The Cannon appears to be round in shape.
  • Level 36-45: ??
Level 1-6
Level 7-14
Level 15-30

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