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Auric's Mugshot

Auric, who was once a Thief King, is the champion of the Onyx League. He is currently dead and lives in the ghost world.


Auric is the 4th dead thief revived by the Emperor Lurk. His body was probably bathed in gold when he died.


Auric is completely immobile, because his corpse was transformed into a golden statue, posing and holding a cane. There are gems attached to his wrists, chest and cane.



  • Yes, It's me, Auric, legendary former King of Thieves. What's the matter? Never seen a man made of gold before?

Climbing League

  • So exciting, isn't it? All that gold out there, waiting to be stolen.
  • Everything I touch turns to gold, perfect natural, I assure you.
  • You know what's the best kind of gold to have? Other peoples' gold of course!
  • Me, greedy? I wouldn't say that. I just want to have all the gold in the world!
  • I say, you wouldn't have some food on you? Why? Oh, no reason...

Losing league

  • No surprise that you lost. Amazing, the riffraff they let be king of thieves these days.
  • Perhaps you just lack my winning golden touch. Golden touch? hahaha, geddit?
  • You seem like a persistent little fellow. You can always try again.
  • King of Thieves? Oh, I don't think so.
  • Do I get lonely because of my condition? Not at all - I have all my gold for company!


  • Like Emperor Lurk, he is immobilized, but Auric is within a statue.
  • His name is a pun of the chemical element of Gold (Au), and Eric, a male name.
  • The gold is probably his, according to one of his losing league quotes.
  • He is a reference to King Midas, which anything he touched became gold.
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